So, in my last post I was kind of poo-pooing only really having posted on the fabulous vacation. Well, here is a slice of what it’s been like lately – and now that I think about the comparison of this post to the vacation, I hope I don’t lose anyone!

It’s 11:15PM on a Wednesday. I have just started waiting for Kelly, my colleague/roommate, to finish working on something, as she kindly waited an hour for me to finish (and not even fully finish alas!)  on something that is so extremely interesting it brought me to tears. Well, not really. It’s quarterly report season, and anyone who has ever worked on compiling, organizing and synthesizing thousands of rows of data in Excel for a few graphs that take up a mere sliver of the report knows it’s an extremely rewarding task. Of course there will be you out there saying why not use Access or why not SQL or SPPL or some other fancy program? Well, perhaps we would if we had an official Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, but alas, instead you have me (also there is the thinking that it is better to use an easier software program when possible in order to ensure it is workable by multiple people with varying degrees of computer savvy).

You are looking at the unofficial interim M&E person while we wait to replace our old one who had to graciously leave after the project has been in place already 1 year. We took all his old Excel sheets (that had no calculations in them) and had one week to try and revamp them to be more automated in filling out reports and do all these new fancy things, and then we hired a new Coordination Officer to assist the new M&E Officer (who hopefully will be hired soon!), and then it’s has been a big hurry scurry flurry of making sure all the data was in, training the new guy, pumping out the report. Everyone is learning lots and as always a great experience, but I have to say I am looking forward to a bit of breathing space again, and I when I say breathing space I mean time to do all my other work. Goodnight.