Well, this may end up being the first in a series of “what in the heck?” moments, but this is the first that I can remember in my short time here.

I was on a short field visit where I staid in this training center/guest house. It was really very nice. The bed I have at the company guesthouse (my free accommodation provided to me by the NGO I work for – updates on that coming sometime soon) does not have a silky bed sheet/dust ruffle combo.

Synthetic silky luxury

Another little luxury that I don’t normally have was an air conditioner, which, actually, is fine by me, because I am not a fan of air conditioning and much prefer the rotating floor fan in my room. But in any case, the air conditioner also came with a remote control, which contained all the normal settings an A/C remote control should with the addition of one: The Mosquito Death Zap option. What in the heck?

Indonesia clearly has superior air conditioning technology

I tried pressing it and nothing apparently obvious occurred. Perhaps the button was broken? I was on the phone with Matt, and we concluded that the A/C would probably emit a plume of DDT to waft down throughout the room. We were guessing that Indonesia hasn’t yet banned DDT, because it does come in very handy for killing mosquitoes.

The next day I talked with the translator that came on the trip about it, and he said that he has seen advertisements on t.v. for this, and supposedly the remote control emits ions or some such into the air that kills mosquitoes. He, however, was also very dubious about this.